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Our vision is to help our clients implement innovative software solutions using the latest technology that drives their businesses ahead.

  • Enterprise Architecture & Design

  • Software Integration

  • Social Services Platform & Tools

Enterprise Architecture Design

We specialize in architecture design by fully understanding the requirements, assessing constraints and formulating a viable and sound architecture. We improve effectiveness and efficiency by adopting re-useable software platforms.

Software Integration

We rely on best practices when it comes to implementing heterogeneous technologies. Using a methodical approach for selecting the correct tools helps keeps costs down for licensing, integration and maintenance.

Social Services Platform & Tools

We help your organization implement software from inception thru implementation. Our tools and software platform automatically create the necessary layers of code in a typical n-tier architecture.


Our Expertise

Convexio Inc specializes in enterprise architecture and design for small, medium and large scale enterprise applications.

In the recent days, companies are challenged to deliver quality software within a short duration. Convexio’s expertise as a technology integrator helps deliver solutions in a cost-effective way through continuous collaboration with your business which in-turn leads to high quality software

Product Showcase.

Social Services Products

Our current product offering can be customized for your need

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Software Product Features

  • Master Client Index - Provides a comprehensive secure view by connecting to existing applications with sophisticated workflow, fraud detection and plug-n-play architecture.

  • CSE System - Currently in incubation and active development, this state of the art system will provide State and Tribal Governments a full-featured CSE system with descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics

  • CS Portal - Currently in a pilot phase with various Native American Tribes, this system provides a seamless connectivity to Model Tribal System for all child support recipients

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Services Offered

Formulating a viable and sound architecture
Adopting re-useable software platforms
Enterprise Architecture & Design
Software Integration
Microservice Architecture
Develop custom applications
Utilize BPEL and SOA methodologies
Requirements Gathering/Assessing Constraints
Utilize Industry Best Practices
Use methodical approach in selecting tools and keep costs low
Data Management
Project Management
AWS Gov. Cloud, Docker, Chef
Specialize in creating automated scripts to configure and launch EC2 instances
Expertise in setting up private VPC configurations
Automated backup to S3

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